Addiction isn’t easy: but recovery is possible.

Is addiction a disease?

We as a society are starting to accept that addiction is a type of disease - not just a behavioral problem. It may start with a behavioral problem, but creating that habit alters the way your brain works. Once your brain is altered to become dependant on a substance or behavior, professional treatment is needed. The question isn’t ‘Is addiction a disease’; it is ‘How can I treat my disease?’. Any other mental health problem is diagnosed and treated in a professional setting - why should addiction be any different?

Addiction is a disease

We’ve talked about the stigma around the words “addiction” and “addict”. There is nothing to be ashamed of- addiction affects people of all ages and demographics. The first step to treating an addiction is learning more about it, and being open to changing your habits, to change your life.

We’ve provided easy-to-navigate resources outlining all the important questions you have for you or your loved ones. Keep in mind, the list of resources is not all inclusive - new prescription and street drugs are created constantly, and behavioral addictions can be just as powerful as any substance.

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for here, please reach out to us. We are here to answer your questions, and create a personalized plan for your successful addiction recovery.

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